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Accounting Services in Malaysia

Updated: May 21, 2019

My Business Services Sdn Bhd provides accounting services by using cloud-based accounting services, namely XERO accounting software.

The interval of accounting services can be monthly, yearly or as per the clients requirement. SInce we use cloud-based software, one of the person from clients management team can be collaborated with the software, so that they can always view the progress, accuracy and completeness of the management financial statements anywhere, anytime. The process are:

  • Client can email the documents or upload to the online/cloud software

  • We will download the documents and enter the accounting entries accordingly

  • Client can always monitor the progress of the accounting, using the cloud services

  • Once the accounting entries are completed, we will discuss with client on the accuracy, completeness and presentation of the management financial statements

We are ready to meet you in person to discuss further. Thanks.

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