Accounting & Bookkeeping

My Business Services Sdn Bhd provides accounting services in Malaysia, bookkeeping services in Malaysia. We use cloud-based accounting software, XERO Accounting Software and QuickBooks Accounting Software. We collaborate our client as a user of the cloud-based accounting software, in order for them to monitor the progress of the accounting work including accuracy and completeness.

Our Accounting Services includes the preparation of the following financial statements:
  • Balance sheet

  • Income statement

  • General Ledgers

Use our Accounting Services to Submit your SST Returns

In Malaysia, monthly accounting services became very crucial especially after the implementation of SST Act 2018 on 1 September 2018.


Every SST registered business enterprise now need to submit their SST returns every 2 months once or bi-monthly. Accounting data is very important to calculate the indirect taxes.


Our accounting services will help your business enterprise for the preparation and submission of SST returns.

Use our Accounting Services for Audit and Tax Representation 


Our accounting services will sufficiently explain all the business transactions in order to facilitate the statutory audit and income tax computation. This will further help in minimising errors in audit finalisation and tax finalisation. 

Our Fees

Our fees for Accounting and bookkeeping services is based on volume of transactions. Minimum fee is RM500 per month.

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